Max Tromanhauser

Software Developer

Work Experience

Flatiron Health, New York

Senior Software Engineer

2020 – Present

Software Engineer

2017 – 2019

I work in Flatiron Health's Real World Evidence (RWE) division, a highly cross-functional team including oncologists, quantitative scientists, software engineers and oncology data specialists to leveraging technology and real-world data to support research on cancer care and clinical outcomes.

Microsoft, Seattle

Software Engineer

2016 – 2017

I worked on the Azure Active Directory reporting team in Microsoft's Cloud + Enterprise division, contributing to the reporting data pipeline and UI on the Azure Portal. Some in-depth information about the service can be found in the feature documentation.

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Head Teaching Assistant

2015 – 2016

Teaching Assistant

2013 – 2015

I worked as a teaching assistant for Introduction to Computer Programming from the fall semester 2013 to my last semester in spring 2016. For my senior year I acted as one of the three head teaching assistants, managing and instructing the staff of around 60. During my tenure, I contributed to many aspects of the course, including the recitation lesson plans, the exam questions, the staffing decisions, the staff grading infrastructure, and homework assignments.

Hail, Caesar! was the assignment I as most proud of, which I wrote with help from other staff members. It teaches functions, array and string manipulation, ASCII encoding, and introduced some basic cryptography concepts.